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World Models Aircraft & The Wings Maker

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The Wings Maker Panther Kit Ref GE032

The Wings Maker - DF-032 Panther

Nigel Hawes from RCM&E - ‘Probably one of the best value EDF sport models on the market today

This is a superb model, that is easy to fly and launch. Being a delta it's easy to fly slowly, but equally at home when you open the taps.

A full power dive is great fun, as it goes like the proverbial bat out of hell when you want it to. You will need to switch to 'low rates' on such occasions, as it can be a little twitchy at really high speed.

Can be hand launched or use the included dolly (though you may want to put some bigger wheels on if flying off grass)

The manufacturer recommends using a 30 Amp ESC, however the motor/fan can draw in excess of 37 Amps with a good battery, so we recommend using a 40 to 50 Amp ESC.

  • The Wings Maker's electric jet series.
  • Hot aerobatics at high speed and relaxing flying at low speed.
  • Lightweight and strong EPO foam provides structural strength and rigidity.
  • High Value Kit version
  • Code No. : GE032
  • Wing Span : 33 in / 850 mm
  • Wing Area : 299 sq in / 19.3 sq dm
  • Flying Weight : 24 oz / 680 g
  • Fuselage Length : 26.5 in / 675 mm

If you need extra servos or spare servos for Wings Maker - then click the link to take you to the Wings Maker Servos

The manufacturer recommends using epoxy glue to put this kit together. However from our own experience we did not find epoxy the best type of glue for EPO and we recommend a cyano glue such as Bob Smiths Super Gold or Gold Cyno or Multiplex Zacki adhesive. Many standard forms of Cyno adhesives can also be used, but we always advise testing unknown glues on scrap foam before committing them to use.



£44.99 Each



Customers Also Considered

[ON SALE] The Wings Maker J10B Fighter Pre Assembled Ref GE034P

This is the Ready Assembled Combo Version - for the J10 Kit Only or Combo None Assembled see seperate listings.

The videos below show the J10 flying in various conditions. In one video you will get to see how the J10 handles the wind and in the other videos there's some great general club flying and J10 chases, Warning if you watch the videos you will want one!

Although the manufacturer recommends a 30/35 Amp ESC for this aircraft, we have found that with a good battery the fan will draw in excess of 37 Amps. Following many flights with our own models we would recommend a 40 to 50 amp ESC on a 3 Cell Set Up and if using the 4 Cell Turbo Motor and TWM Fan we recommend a 60 to 70 amp ESC.

As with all final fix motor installations you should check the ESC used is adequate for your individual set up

  • The Wings Maker's electric jet series.
  • Hot aerobatics at high speed and scaled flying at low speed.
  • Light weight and strong EPO foam provides structural strength and rigidity.
  • 'Pre-assembled Combo Set Version', comes with factory installed Brushless Outrunner Motor 28/30 (KM0283110), Ducted Fan Unit (PL6800010) and 3 Micro Servos (SV2031).
  • Code No. : GE034C
  • Wing Span : 28.7 in / 730 mm
  • Wing Area : 310 sq in / 20 sq dm
  • Flying Weight : 28.5 oz / 805 g
  • Fuselage Length : 42.7 in / 1085 mm
  • Requires : 4-channel "mixing radio" (elevator and aileron), 40A (burst 50A) brushless ESC and 3 cells 11.1V 20C 2100mAh battery and charger

From our own experience we did not find 5 minute epoxy the best type of glue for EPO and we recommend Bob Smiths Super Gold or Gold Cyno or Multiplex Zacki adhesive. Many standard forms of Cyno adhesives can also be used, but we always advise testing unknown glues on scrap foam before committing them to use.



£109.99 Each



SWM WebBIT Plan/Pack

The WebBIT does a lot for Charity

The Mass Build for Charity is now over, we have sold out of WebBITs and we've raised a massive £630.00 for Arthritis Research. The total was raised with he help of the following people:

The staff and customers of Steve Webb Models / ServoShop and also:

The RCME Fly In that was held at the Greenacres Model Flying Club Walsall was the climax of the WebBIT Mass Build. Every kit sold raised £5.00 and in the end 83 kits were sold, but there were extra donations and so the total went beyond what was expected.

What now for the WebBIT? In its current form it is not economic to have re produced. The WebBIT may re appear in the future with a longer fuselage, wider track U/C positioning, Larger Tail and Tail Plane and more Lightening holes and if it does happen we will try and keep the price down as low as we can. BUT - If the WebBIT 'retires' then it could not go out on a better 'high' - The little aeroplane did good!

If you are interested in a future 21st Century WebBIT, please put through a back order so we can make a note of your interest. If demand is high enough the WebBIT may return another time.

The WebBIT Mass Build raised £5.00 for every kit sold between 1st January 2011 and 31st of July 2011 Arthritis Research and it was a far better result than we hoped for - so thank you all again!

The information below is left on site for reference - Please note the WebBIT is currently out of production, but may return one day, if you feel it is something you would be interested in being notified of when/if it returns please contact us so we can let you know of any news regard future WebBITs as it happens.

The WebBIT RCME Mass Build

The WebBIT has been chosen by readers of the RCME and Model Flying Forum to be used in an event called a Mass Build. To join in with the fun call the shop or see the forum at

Plan Pack/ Short Kit.

All new printed full size plan (super plan) and Laser Cut parts to enable you to re produce the WebBIT model.

Modern Laser Cutting methods mean a much more accurate WebBIT kit - than ever before!

The WebBIT History.

Back in the 90’s, the WebBIT was born out of the frustration for the need for a small field flyer, high wing, easy to fly model plane. The model needed to perform like a Wot 4 or Hooligan and yet have power to spare on an Enya SS15engine.
At the time Steve Webb Models and Hobbies used to sell Miniature Aircraft Factory kits and had a connection to the proprieter and designer Peter Kent. Steve passed Pete his ‘doodle’s for the WebBIT, Peter kitted it with copied plan and band sawn balsa parts and the WebBIT was ‘born’.
WebBIT history was ‘signed and sealed’ when Paul Heckles amazed the crowds at Sandown by Prop hovering the WebBIT on a standard SS 15 BB engine and performed an aerobatic routine with a small 15 size model that kept the crowds captivated!
We often get asked for the WebBIT and although it was discontinued years ago, it’s still a popular 'cult' model. With many WebBITS flying all over the World!
The WebBIT ceased production when Peter and the MAF passed on his designs to another company and we discontinued the WebBIT back in the 1990’s

Up To Date WebBIT 'Bashing'

Enter Belair and their Laser Cut Kit services - We have had a Plan Pack/ Short kit manufactured by Belair.
In the kit you get Laser Cut ribs, formers, fuselage sides etc. You don’t get any fittings, hardwear,sheeting or balsa strip. Very little is actually needed to complete the model (regard wood), but you do need tank, mount, horns, wheels, wire etc and coverings.


40 inch Span

Thick Steve Webb O/D Aerofoil Section (SS10)

Functions – 4 – Rudder, Elevator, Throttle, Ailerons

Engine size – 10 – 20 size engines

(It is difficult to ROG with a 10 size engine)

We recommend either the Enya SS 15 or the FP 15(Enya 15 for those wanting more performance and power)

Can be adapted to Electric Power and has been adapted successfully in the past

No details of E.P conversion are included currently, but a successful conversion by 'LeccyFlyer' used a Mega 22/20-3 brushless inrunner, in an Ernie Moorcraft mount, with a Jeti 40-3-P Advance ESC and currently uses a 2500mah 3s1p Maxpoly Lipo pack, the prop is an 8x4" Graupner Slimprop. Radio is a Hitec 555 DC rx, HS85BB servo on elevator, HS81 on rudder and a single Futaba 148 on ailerons.

Special Offer - current stock in first batch packing - limited stocks at this price - Normal SRP £44.99

Keep calling back for more WebBIT news

Nigel Hawes has also built a WebBIT as detailed in July 2010 RCME and August 2010 RCME magazine - this has also been converted to an E.P model and is displayed in Union Jack livery in the photos below -

Present Time WebBIT 2011 August.

July 31st 2011 saw the last of the current WebBIT Plan Packs sell. This took the total raised by the WebBIT builders of the Mass Build for Charity and SWM Staff & customers climb to a total of £630.00 , which has been donated to Arthritis Research. Its a very good result for the WebBIT and every one that participated. Thanks to Dave Gilder for originally coming up with he Mass Build idea and RCME/My Hobby Store and Graham and David Ashby for helping promote the event. Special thanks to all that helped to make this event a rather special coming together of modellers for a good cause. May the WebBIT populate the occasional flying field for many years to come.



£39.99 Each


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