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Standard Servos

65 Products Found
 Make Model Description Price
pAce R/C SHV 1504 High voltage servos ensures a quick response and o...[learn more] £12.99Discontinuedhelp 
pEMAX ES3051 43g Digital Servo EMAX ES3051 43g Digital Servo - Deals Available SE...[learn more] £9.994 for £34.00
10 for £82.50
pEMAX ES3001 43g Standard The EMAX ES3001 43g Standard ServoOperating Voltag...[learn more] £5.994 for £19.96
10 for £47.50
pEtronix ET2047 9.3Kg/0.13s Standard Digital Servo Metal Gear Etronix standard-sized digital servo. Full selecti...[learn more] £15.00 
pEtronix ET2046 6.2Kg/0.12s Standard Servo Etronix standard-sized servo. Full selection of se...[learn more] £9.49 
pEtronix ET2045 4Kg/0.12s Standard Servo Etronix standard-sized servo. Full selection of se...[learn more] £7.49 
pFutaba BLS153 Mini Brushless 0.15s/4.8kg This mini brushless servo, which has been develope...[learn more] £107.99[Supplier Stock]help
pFutaba S9152 Possibly the perfect servo for many larger models,...[learn more] £84.99 
pFutaba S9250 Coreless digital servo with fast starting speed, a...[learn more] £81.99Out of stock
pFutaba S9206 High-Torque BB Analog Servo An upgraded version of the popular S9204, the S920...[learn more] £74.99Out of stock
pFutaba S9202 Coreless Heli Servo The definitive helicopter servo, the S9202 feature...[learn more] £54.99Out of stock
pFutaba S3050 Digital Metal Gear Servo This digital servo gives the same high torque and ...[learn more] £39.99 
pFutaba S3305 Heavy Duty Metal Gear Analogue A heavy duty standard servo with metal gears, dual...[learn more] £36.99 
pFutaba S3072HV Servo - High Voltage Digital S-Bus 0.15s/ Part of futabaís high quality HV (High Voltage) ra...[learn more] £31.99 
pFutaba S3152 Digital Std High-Torque (Boxed) With a full 5.0 Kg/cm torque and 0.16 sec/60 degre...[learn more] £24.99 
pFutaba S3014 Std BB Water/Res S3014This standard size water resistant (not water...[learn more] £23.994 for £94.00
pFutaba S3010 Std High-Torque BB Servo Medium duty, standard sized servo with that bit of...[learn more] £23.254 for £91.96
pFutaba S3001 Std BB Servo Economical servo for all applications. This ballra...[learn more] £11.504 for £43.96
pFutaba S3004 Std Ball-Bearing Servo The ball raced version of the economy S3003 is ide...[learn more] £10.504 for £39.96
pFutaba S148 Standard Servo One of the most popular general purpose servos. It...[learn more] £8.504 for £33.00
10 for £80.00
pFutaba S3003 Standard Servo The standard size economy servo for general applic...[learn more] £8.254 for £31.96
pHitec HS-5625MG High Speed Metal Gear Digital Servo For those applications that require a fast standar...[learn more] £31.504 for £123.96
pHitec HS-5496MH HV Standard Metal Gear Digital Servo Digital Performance at an Analog Price At Hitec, ...[learn more] £25.994 for £102.00
pHitec HS-625MG High Speed Metal Gear Servo The powerful high speed HS-625MG is a perfect choi...[learn more] £25.994 for £102.00
pHitec HS-645MG High Torque Metal Gear Servo The powerful HS-645MG is one of Hitecís most popul...[learn more] £25.992 for £51.00
4 for £99.96
pHitec HS-5495BH HV Digital Karbonite Gear Sport Servo At Hitec, we believe in developing the highest qua...[learn more] £19.504 for £77.00
pHitec HS-635 HB The HS-635HB utilizes the revolutionary "Karbonite...[learn more] £18.754 for £74.00
pHitec D485HW Wide Voltage Standard Servo Suitable for all RC applications, the D-485HW allo...[learn more] £16.99 
pHitec HS-5485HB Standard Karbonite Digital Sport Servo The HS-5485HB is Hitec's lowest price digital serv...[learn more] £15.504 for £61.00
pHitec HS-485HB HD Ball Bearing Standard Servo The HS-485HB updates the very popular HS-475HB by ...[learn more] £13.994 for £55.00
pHitec HS-325HB Standard Ball Bearing Servo The HS-325HB Standard Heavy Duty Servo features a ...[learn more] £13.504 for £51.96
pHitec HS-322HD Standard Heavy Duty Servo The HS-322HD Standard Heavy Duty Servo utilizes Hi...[learn more] £12.50Out of stock
pHitec HS-430BH Deluxe HV Ball Bearing Standard Servo Based on the popular HS-425BB, our deluxe ball bea...[learn more] £11.504 for £45.00
pHitec HS-422 Deluxe Standard Servo The HS-422 is one of the most durable and reliable...[learn more] £10.754 for £42.00
pHitec HS-425BB Deluxe Ball Bearing Standard Servo The HS-425BB is offered with dual ball bearings, i...[learn more] £10.504 for £41.00
pHitec HS-311 Standard Economy Servo The HS-311 sport servo provides the novice modeler...[learn more] £8.994 for £35.00
8 for £68.00
pJR DS8231 High precision double ballraced All servos on Ser...[learn more] £75.50 
pJR DS811 High Performance general use servo. All servos on...[learn more] £32.99 
pJR DS821 6.3 Kg/0.15S @6.0V Servo The DS821 servo is a powerful, accurate sport digi...[learn more] £23.99 
pMacGregor MG5510DS 9.98/0.12s Standard Servo The MG5510DS is a 10Kg high performance standard s...[learn more] £19.99 
pMKS DS1009 Standard Size Servo Fast Cyclic MKS DS1009 Standard Size Servo Fast Cyclic S001600...[learn more] £29.99 
pMultiplex Mini HD Uni This standard-size servo offers the beginner a lev...[learn more] £9.99 
pNew-Power XLD-37HB Digital Servo Digital, standard size, medium torque servo for us...[learn more] £12.99Out of stock
pNew-Power XL-37HB Servo A standard size, medium torque servo for all kinds...[learn more] £8.994 for £34.00
pNew-Power XL-36 Servo Standard size, cost-effective, general servo for a...[learn more] £6.994 for £26.00
pPowerHD 3688HB Digital Power HD digital 3688HB - a very useful size serv...[learn more] £30.994 for £120.00
10 for £295.00
pPowerHD 6001MG Modulation: Analogue Torque: 4.8V: 83.3 oz-in ...[learn more] £17.50[Supplier Stock]help
pPowerHD 9001MG Modulation: Analogue Torque: 4.8V: 119.4 oz-in...[learn more] £17.50 
pPowerHD 6001HB Modulation: Analogue Torque: 4.8V: 80.5 oz-in ...[learn more] £11.50[Supplier Stock]help
pPowerHD 3001HB Modulation: Analogue Torque: 4.8V: 48.6 oz-in ...[learn more] £9.99 
pSavox SV-0220MG High Voltage Digital Servo Versatile high voltage digital servo suitable for ...[learn more] £21.99 
pSavox SC-0252MG Metal Gear Digital Servo Metal gears at a fraction of the cost of the compe...[learn more] £19.15 
pSavox SC-0254MG Standard Digital Standard Size digital servo with high performance ...[learn more] £18.50 
pSavox SC-0253MG Digital Servo Standard Size digital servo with high performance ...[learn more] £17.99 
pSavox SV-0320 High Voltage Digital Servo Versatile high voltage digital servo suitable for ...[learn more] £15.99 
pSavox SC-0352 Std Size Digital Servo Standard Size digital servo - very good cost/perfo...[learn more] £14.99 
pSavox SG-0351 Standard Size Digital Servo The SG-0351 is a standard size digital economic se...[learn more] £10.99 
pSpektrum A6010 Servo The full range of Spektrum Servos - IS HERE - You ...[learn more] £26.994 for £106.00
10 for £259.90
pSpektrum A6110 High Voltage Std Servo A standard size high voltage 2 cell lipo compatibl...[learn more] £20.49 
pTactic TSX47 Standard Servo Digital High Torq Metal Gear 2BB TSX47 Standard Servo Digital High Torq Metal Gear ...[learn more] £26.99 
pTactic TSX40 Standard Servo High Speed Metal Gear 2BB Standard metal gear high speed servo. Speed/60 ...[learn more] £22.50 
pTactic TSX35 Standard Servo Sport Standard general purpose servo. Speed/60 degree...[learn more] £10.99[Supplier Stock]help
pTower Pro MG930 - E.P Heli Servo MG930 digital with coreless motor and full metal...[learn more] £19.992 for £38.00
4 for £72.00
pTower Pro MG995 Metal Gear Servo Direct from the Tower Pro factory to here on Servo...[learn more] £10.99Out of stock
pTower Pro SG5010 Digital Standard Servo SG5010 digital servo SG5010 is the best value of ...[learn more] £6.994 for £26.00
10 for £62.50

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