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New Power Competitively Priced Servos by Ripmax

23 Products Found
 Make Model Description Price
pNew-Power XLC-56HMB HV Digital Servo Overview A high quality, high power, HV servo sui...[learn more] £42.99[Supplier Stock]help
pNew-Power XLD-100HMB Digital Servo Specifications Weight: 120g Bearings: Ballrace...[learn more] £22.99[Supplier Stock]help
pNew-Power XLD-25HMB Digital Servo Overview Digital, mini size servo that is suitabl...[learn more] £19.99[Supplier Stock]help
pNew-Power XLD-25HB Digital Servo Overview A Digital, mini size, super-fast servo t...[learn more] £17.99[Supplier Stock]help
pNew-Power XLD-45HMB DS Ripmax New Power XLD-45HMB Digital ServoDigital, s...[learn more] £16.504 for £63.96
pNew-Power XLD-38HMB DS Ripmax New Power XLD-38HMB Digital ServoDigital, s...[learn more] £14.50Out of stock
pNew-Power XL-38HMB Servo A standard size, high torque, metal geared servo f...[learn more] £13.994 for £54.00
pNew-Power XLD-17MB Digital Servo Overview Similar to the standard 17HMB but with s...[learn more] £12.994 for £50.00
pNew-Power XLD-37HB Digital Servo Overview Digital, standard size, medium torque se...[learn more] £12.99Out of stock
pNew-Power XL-17HMB Servo Overview An all purpose micro servo for applicati...[learn more] £11.504 for £45.00
pNew-Power XLD-09HMB Digital Servo Overview Identical to the regular 09HMB version b...[learn more] £10.35 
pNew-Power XLD-2 Digital Servo Overview Those ultra small indoor models can now ...[learn more] £9.994 for £38.00
10 for £90.00
pNew-Power XL-16HM Designed equally for both aero and heli applicario...[learn more] £9.504 for £35.96
pNew-Power XL-37HB Servo Overview A standard size, medium torque servo for...[learn more] £8.994 for £34.00
pNew-Power XLD-6 Digital Servo OverviewA micro digital servo with good speed and ...[learn more] £8.754 for £34.00
pNew-Power XL-09HMB Ripmax New Power XL-09HMB ServoSpecifications:Weig...[learn more] £7.754 for £29.00
pNew-Power XL-2.0g Servo A super, lightweight servo especially designed for...[learn more] £7.25Discontinuedhelp 
pNew-Power XLD-4.5 Digital Servo Overview A very compact, lightweight servo (4.5g)...[learn more] £7.254 for £27.96
pNew-Power XL 09HM This servo is similar to the 9g servo in the New P...[learn more] £6.994 for £26.00
pNew-Power XL 3.7g Servo This is a lightweight Nano Class servo that weighs...[learn more] £6.994 for £26.00
pNew-Power XL-36 Servo Overview Standard size, cost-effective, general s...[learn more] £6.994 for £26.00
pNew-Power XLD-9A Digital Servo OverviewA micro digital servo with very high speed...[learn more] £6.99Out of stock
pNew-Power XL 9g Servo This is a lightweight servo is specifically aimed ...[learn more] £5.254 for £20.00

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