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Futaba Receivers

22 Products Found
 Make Model Description Price
pFutaba R7018SB - 18 Ch Rx S-Bus Twin/Batt Input (FASST/FASSTest) Ths Futaba R7018SB is a dedicated 18 channel recei...[learn more] £169.99[Supplier Stock]help
pFutaba R7014SB FASST/FASSTest Rx 2.4GHz The R7014SB is Futaba's flagship receiver brimming...[learn more] £166.99 
pFutaba R6208SB 2.4GHz FASST S.Bus 8-Ch High Volt RX P-R6208SB/2-4G R6208SB 2.4GHz FASST S.Bus 8-Channe...[learn more] £132.99Discontinuedhelp 
pFutaba R6308SBT Rx 2.4GHz FASST The R6308SBT receiver features bi-directional comm...[learn more] £119.99Out of stock
pFutaba R7008SB S-Bus HV 2.4GHz Receiver The R7000SB is a FASSTest telemetry enabled receiv...[learn more] £98.99 
pFutaba R7003SB Receiver - S-Bus (HV) 2.4GHz FASSTest Primarily developed for use in helicopters but equ...[learn more] £84.99 
pFutaba R7006SB Receiver - 6/18ch 2.4GHz FASST/FASSTest Futaba’s full range R7006SB receiver is capable of...[learn more] £79.99 
pFutaba R6106HF 6ch Rx 2.4GHz FASST RX Futaba R6106HF 2.4GHz Parkfly Receiver6ch High-Spe...[learn more] £59.99[Supplier Stock]help
pFutaba R6106HFC 6ch Rx 2.4GHz (Coaxial Ant.) Futaba FASST receiver.What price reliability? Yes ...[learn more] £59.99 
pFutaba R617FS 2.4 GHz Receiver The latest 2.4 ghz technology from Futaba. 7 funct...[learn more] £59.99 
pFutaba R6004FF 2.4 GHZ Receiver Futaba R6004FF 2.4GHz Indoor / Parkfly ReceiverRec...[learn more] £53.99Out of stock
pFutaba R3008SB 8ch Rx T-FHSS (S-Bus) (HV) 2.4GHz Futaba R3008SB T-FHSS 2.4GHz Receiver with Dual Di...[learn more] £51.00 
pFutaba R2001SB 1/8ch S-FHSS S/Bus Full Range Receiver The Futaba R2001SB is a dedicated S.Bus receiver m...[learn more] £46.99 
pFutaba R304SB 4ch Rx with Telemetry FHSS (S-Bus) (HV) 2.4GHz The R304SB is a compact little 4 channel receiver ...[learn more] £46.99 
pFutaba R2008SB 8-Ch FHSS 2.4GHz Aircraft Rx Futaba Order Number P-R2008SB R2008SB 8-Ch FHSS 2....[learn more] £44.99 
pFutaba R3004SB 4-Channel 2.4GHz T-FHSS Receiver (S-Bus & HV) The Futaba R3004SB is a slim 4-channel receiver th...[learn more] £44.99 
pFutaba R304SB-E - 4 Channel Rx T-FHSS 2.4GHz (Electric) The R304SB-E is a compact little 4 channel receive...[learn more] £43.99 
pFutaba R3006SB - 6-Channel Rx T-FHSS (S-Bus) (HV) 2.4GHz The R3006SB receiver can use S.Bus as the main lin...[learn more] £42.50 
pFutaba R2006GS Rx 2.4GHz FHSS 2-4G 6Ch Futaba P-R2006GS/2-4G 6Ch Rx 2.4GHz FHSS (Air)Note...[learn more] £35.99 
pFutaba R2106GF Receiver 2.4GHz S-FHSS (Air) This new 6 channel receiver is perfect for all typ...[learn more] £29.99 
pFutaba R3106GF 6-Channel Receiver - T-FHSS Mono HV The Futaba R3106GF was developed alongside the Fut...[learn more] £26.50 
pFutaba R202GF 2ch 2.4GHz S-FHSS Surface Receiver Affordable 2-Channel FHSS receiver suitable for car or boat use....[learn more] £24.75 

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