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The OS Range of Glow Plugs

16 Products Found
 Make Model Description Price
O.S Products Type G5 Glow Plug Designed specifically for the OS GGT range of engi...[learn more] £17.992 for £34.00
O.S Products No. 10 Glow Plug (Old Ref O.S A 5) Ref - L-OS71605100 -More specialist for higher nit...[learn more] £14.995 for £73.75
10 for £145.00
O.S Products Type F Glow Plug (Four Stroke) L-OS71615009The O.S Type F Glow Plug - for Four St...[learn more] £14.995 for £72.50
O.S Products Type P5 Glow Plug (Very Hot) Ref - L-OS71641500 - The plug for all O.S. multi-c...[learn more] £13.99[Supplier Stock]help
O.S Products Type RP8 Glow Plug (Cold) Ref - L-OS71642080 - Racing glowplug for 21 class ...[learn more] £13.99Out of stock
O.S Products Type P3 Glow Plug (Turbo Head) Ref - L-OS71641300 - An ultra-hot plug for Turbo h...[learn more] £12.50 
O.S Products Type P4 Glow Plug (Super Hot) Ref L-OS71641400 - Super hot plug designed for Tur...[learn more] £12.50[Supplier Stock]help
O.S Products Type R5 Glow Plug (Cold) Ref - L-OS71605200 -OS engine specialist cool glow...[learn more] £12.50 
O.S Products Type RP6 Glow Plug (Hot) Ref L-OS71642060 - Hot T -Series.Glow plugs are co...[learn more] £12.50 
O.S Products Type RP7 Glow Plug (Warm) Ref - L-OS71642070 - Warm T Series.Glow plugs are ...[learn more] £12.50[Supplier Stock]help
O.S Products No. 6 Glow Plug (Old Ref O.S A 3) Ref - L-OS71605300The general use glow plug recomm...[learn more] £10.995 for £53.75
10 for £105.00
O.S Products No. 7 Glow Plug (Medium to Hot) Ref - L-OS71607100A Medium/Hot glowplug for most t...[learn more] £10.99 
O.S Products No. 8 Glow Plug Ref - L-OS71608001 - A general use, very hight qua...[learn more] £10.995 for £53.75
10 for £105.00
O.S Products Type LC3 Glow Plug (Specialist Hot) Ref - L-OS71653000A very popular racing plug. For ...[learn more] £10.99 
O.S Products Type LC4 Glow Plug (Warm) Long reach plug for car use....[learn more] £10.99 
O.S Products Type P8 Glow Plug (Cold) L-OS71641800 -For 21 class racing engines of T~typ...[learn more] £8.25[Supplier Stock]help

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