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 Make Model Description Price
Dumas 50" Carol Moran Tug 1:24 (1272) We are back with a brand new jumbo tug boat. In h...[learn more] £572.99[Supplier Stock]help
Dumas Chris-Craft Triple Cockpit 1:8 (1241) This sleek beauty is a triple cockpit version of o...[learn more] £452.99[Supplier Stock]help
Dumas Creole Queen Kit 1:4 (1222) Looks can be deceiving, which is certainly the cas...[learn more] £452.99[Supplier Stock]help
Dumas The Brooklyn Tug Kit 1:32 (1238) The Brooklyn was built in 1910 and owned by the Ne...[learn more] £447.99[Supplier Stock]help
Dumas Typhoon 1:10 (1239) Dumas brings the excitement of the roaring 20s wit...[learn more] £433.99[Supplier Stock]help
Dumas Chris-Craft Barrel Back Kit 1:8 (1234) In 1940 Chris-Craft introduced a new hull style ca...[learn more] £388.99[Supplier Stock]help
Dumas USCG Fast Response Cutter Kit 1:48 (1275) Sleek, fast and modern the fabulous 154 foot US Co...[learn more] £369.99[Supplier Stock]help
Dumas Chris-Craft Continental Kit 1:8 (1243) The 1956 23 ft. Chris-Craft Continental was a stan...[learn more] £367.99[Supplier Stock]help
Dumas Jersey City Tug Boat Kit 1:32 (1248) The Jersey City is the latest addition to the Duma...[learn more] £363.99[Supplier Stock]help
Dumas Lord Nelson Victory Tug Boat 28in 3:4 (1225) Everybody has an opinion as to which boat they lik...[learn more] £358.99[Supplier Stock]help
Dumas Myrtle Corey 1:20 (1253) The Myrtle Corey is a fine example of a late 1800...[learn more] £348.99[Supplier Stock]help
Dumas Chris-Craft Cobra Kit 1:8 (1232) This fun little speedster is from the era of big f...[learn more] £303.99[Supplier Stock]help
Dumas Winter Harbor Lobster Boat Kit 1:16 (1274) New England style Lobster Boats have long been a p...[learn more] £299.99[Supplier Stock]help
Dumas The Lackawanna Tug Kit 1:48 (1251) This coastal tug built in 1900 not only burned coa...[learn more] £289.99 
Dumas Chris-Craft 16ft Hydroplane 1941 24ins 1:8 (1254) When the Chris-Craft Racing Hydroplane was first d...[learn more] £273.99[Supplier Stock]help
Dumas Chris-Craft Racer 1949 1:8 (1249) We think the 1949 Chris-Craft 19 ft. Racing Runabo...[learn more] £263.99[Supplier Stock]help
Dumas American Beauty 7:32 (1215) Here is your chance to try your hand at being a to...[learn more] £260.99[Supplier Stock]help
Dumas U.S.S. Bluefish 1:96 (1245) Experience submarine excitement with the USS Bluef...[learn more] £240.99[Supplier Stock]help
Dumas Dauntless Kit 3:4 (1211) In 1946 Sparkman and Stevens designed a 66ft. comm...[learn more] £234.99[Supplier Stock]help
Dumas George W Washburn Tugboat Kit 1:48 (1260) The George W. Washburn was launched by the Cornell...[learn more] £233.99Out of stock
Dumas SC-1 Class Sub-Chaser Kit 1:35 (1259) The sub-chaser prowled the waters in the Atlantic ...[learn more] £228.99[Supplier Stock]help
Dumas U.S.S. Crocket Kit 5:16 (1218) The U.S.S. Crockett was one of the seventeen gunbo...[learn more] £218.99[Supplier Stock]help
Dumas PT-212 78ft Higgins MTB 1:31 (1257) The 78? Higgins Patrol Torpedo Boat served in the ...[learn more] £214.99[Supplier Stock]help
Dumas Akula Submarine 1:128 (1246) The Akula is a an easy to assemble sport scale mod...[learn more] £209.99[Supplier Stock]help
Dumas PT-109 U.S. Navy Boat 1:30 (1233) The one and only PT-109 has been a standard of the...[learn more] £204.99[Supplier Stock]help
Dumas Chris-Craft Painted Racer 16ft 1:8 (1263) The beautiful new Painted Racer is fine example of...[learn more] £194.99[Supplier Stock]help
Dumas Coast Guard Utility Boat 3:4 (1214) When the crew steps aboard a 41 ft. Utility they n...[learn more] £189.99[Supplier Stock]help
Dumas The Jolly Jay Fishing Boat 1:30 (1231) The Jolly Jay has many things going for it, such a...[learn more] £189.99[Supplier Stock]help
Dumas Trojan Cruiser Kit 1:12 (1205) Here is your opportunity to build the pride of the...[learn more] £187.99[Supplier Stock]help
Dumas Huson 24 Sailboat Kit (1117) This smaller version of the Huson 36 is fun to ass...[learn more] £144.99Out of stock
Dumas U.S. Army 74ft St Tug 1:48 (1256) During WWII, the US Army operated a large fleet of...[learn more] £139.99[Supplier Stock]help
Dumas Carol Moran Tug 1:72 (1250) 1949 Chris-Craft Racing Runabout Kit Here at Du...[learn more] £114.99[Supplier Stock]help
Dumas U.S.S. Whitehall Patrol Craft 1:96 (1252) The USS Whitehall was commissioned in 1944 and was...[learn more] £114.99Out of stock
Dumas Dumas Chris-Craft Sedan 1:24th Kit (1707) The Laser Classic collection from Dumas is the bes...[learn more] £85.99[Supplier Stock]help
Dumas Chris-Craft 24ft Runabout 1:24 (1701) The Laser Classic collection from Dumas is the bes...[learn more] £79.99[Supplier Stock]help
Dumas Lightning Sailboat Kit (1110) If you prefer the leisurely pace of free sailing (...[learn more] £74.99[Supplier Stock]help
Dumas Chris-Craft Triple Cockpit Barrel Back 1:24 (1703) The Laser Classic collection from Dumas is the bes...[learn more] £71.99 
Dumas Chris-Craft 19ft Racer 1:24 (1702) The Laser Classic collection from Dumas is the bes...[learn more] £62.99 
Dumas Snipe Sailboat Kit (1122) This simple line sailboat has been a favorite for ...[learn more] £61.99Out of stock
Dumas Ace Sloop Kit (1102) A free sailing model for small lakes or swimming p...[learn more] £45.99[Supplier Stock]help
Dumas Hobie Cat Kit (1101) This scale model of the popular west coast catamar...[learn more] £39.99[Supplier Stock]help

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