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Artesania Latina Model Boat Kits

17 Products Found
 Make Model Description Price
Artesania U.S. Constellation (American Frigate 1798) It is difficult to find in the annals of the Navy ...[learn more] £279.99Out of stock
Artesania Latina AL20505 Mississippi Artesania Latina (AL20505) Mississippi The most im...[learn more] £149.99Out of stock
Artesania Marina II Artesania Code: AL20506 Marina II - Quality in a b...[learn more] £144.99 
Artesania Carmen II - Classic Collection HISTORY OF CARMEN II FISHING BOAT Discover the sh...[learn more] £129.99 
Artesania La Niña Caravel 1/65 THE SHIP THAT CHANGED HISTORY: CARAVEL LA NIÑA D...[learn more] £119.99 
Artesania Scottish Maid AL18021 Artesania Latina (AL18021) Scottish Maid The schoo...[learn more] £99.99 
Artesania Mare Nostrum The Mare Nostrum is a typical trawler in the Medit...[learn more] £89.99Out of stock
Artesania Marie Jeanne 1:50 Scale Artesania Latina Ref 22170 Marie Jeanne 1:50 Scale...[learn more] £89.99 
Artesania Swift, wooden model ship kit Build your 1/50 scale model of the Swift, a beauti...[learn more] £79.99 
Artesania SAMSON tugboat Model of Samson tugboat in 1:15 scale. Recommended...[learn more] £74.99Out of stock
Artesania Tug fishing boat ATLANTIS Scale model of tug fishing boat for its constructi...[learn more] £74.99Out of stock
Artesania HMS Bounty Jolly Boat In April 1789, the Bounty left Tahiti and while cr...[learn more] £64.99 
Artesania Latina AL19007 Bon Retour The Bon Retour is an all-wood replica of a shell f...[learn more] £59.99 
Artesania Latina Ref AL19015 Endeavours Longboat 1:50 Scale HMS Endeavour was launched in 1764 and was acquire...[learn more] £59.99 
Artesania Viking 1:75 Scale Artesania Latina Ref 19001 Viking 1:75 ScaleLength...[learn more] £59.99 
Artesania RMS Titanic Life Boat The RMS Titanic, owned by the White Star Line, was...[learn more] £54.99Out of stock
Artesania San Juan Nepomuceno 1765 1:25 Latina Ref - 18010 San Juan Nepomuceno 1765 1:25 ...[learn more] £54.00 

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