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Seagull ARTF Kits

102 Products Found
 Make Model Description Price
Seagull Giant Scale 86in Zero Fighter (SEA334) Having entered service in 1940 with the Imperial J...[learn more] £939.99[Supplier Stock]help
Seagull Decathlon 60-80cc (122in) (Green/White) (SEA-314G) When the Champion Aircraft Corporation introduced ...[learn more] £889.99[Supplier Stock]help
Seagull Decathlon 60-80cc (122in) (Yellow/Blue) (SEA-314Y) When the Champion Aircraft Corporation introduced ...[learn more] £889.99[Supplier Stock]help
Seagull B-25 Mitchell 2 x 15-20cc (95in) The North American B-25 Mitchell is an aeroplane i...[learn more] £834.99[Supplier Stock]help
Seagull P-47 Razorback 38-50cc (w/retracts) 80in (SEA-306) By popular demand, an 80" span version of the mass...[learn more] £719.99[Supplier Stock]help
Seagull Shock Cub 38-50cc 102in (Silver)  New!  Getting to places that no other aircraft dare go, ...[learn more] £665.99Out of stock
Seagull Shock Cub 38-50cc 102in (Yellow)  New!  Getting to places that no other aircraft dare go, ...[learn more] £665.99[Supplier Stock]help
Seagull Westland Lysander III (SEA-216) The Westland Lysander was a British army co-operat...[learn more] £659.99[Supplier Stock]help
Seagull JU-87 Stuka Giant Scale (40-50cc) (SEA-284) Stand alongside a full-size Ju-87 and its gull win...[learn more] £564.99Out of stock
Seagull Supermarine Spitfire 55cc 2.16m (86in) (SEA-260) Fly the legend The RAF's Second World War front l...[learn more] £544.99[Supplier Stock]help
Seagull Grumman F8F-2 Bearcat Conquest 33cc (71in) (SEA-324) The Grumman F8F Bearcat is an American single-engi...[learn more] £519.99[Supplier Stock]help
Seagull Gilmore Red Lion Racer 33cc (74in) (SEA-323) A classic racer from the 1930s is brought to life ...[learn more] £489.99[Supplier Stock]help
Seagull Ryan PT-22 Recruit - SEA288 The Ryan PT-22 Recruit, the main military version ...[learn more] £479.99[Supplier Stock]help
Seagull Cessna 188 AGwagon - SEA299 In the early 1960s Cessna decided to expand their ...[learn more] £474.99[Supplier Stock]help
Seagull Ercoupe 35-45cc 2.5m (98.4in) (SEA-176) The ERCO Ercoupe is an American low-wing monoplane...[learn more] £429.99[Supplier Stock]help
Seagull DH-98 Mosquito 80in Twin 46-55 SEA-285M The de Havilland DH.98 Mosquito was a British twin...[learn more] £399.99[Supplier Stock]help
Seagull 1/5th Scale L-4 Grasshopper 90in (SEA-325) Dating back to a 1930 design called the Taylor Cub...[learn more] £393.99[Supplier Stock]help
Seagull P-26A Peashooter (26-30cc) 1.8m (71in) (SEA-305) The Boeing P-26 "Peashooter" was the first America...[learn more] £393.99[Supplier Stock]help
Seagull Spitfire 26-38cc (SEA-183) All necessary hardware and accessories included D...[learn more] £386.99[Supplier Stock]help
Seagull Nieuport 28 1/5 Scale (20cc) 1.72m (68in) (SEA-303) The Nieuport 28 C.1 was a French biplane fighter a...[learn more] £377.99[Supplier Stock]help
Seagull Stearman Red Baron Pizza Squadron 20cc (SEA-277) Built for barnstorming Spanning an impressive 1.8...[learn more] £374.99[Supplier Stock]help
Seagull Hawker Hurricane 33cc 2.08m (82in) (SEA-273) Two Allied fighters took on the Luftwaffe over the...[learn more] £369.99[Supplier Stock]help
Seagull NEMESIS 120-180 SEA-114 SEAGULL 5500066 NEMESIS 120-180 SEA-114Wingspan - ...[learn more] £359.99[Supplier Stock]help
Seagull Bf 109E Messerchmitt 20cc 1.63m (64in) (SEA-278) Make mine a Messerschmitt! An authentic matt fini...[learn more] £355.99[Supplier Stock]help
Seagull PT-19 Giant Scale 2.02m (79.5in) (SEA-136) Forever, well as long as I can remember, the PT-19...[learn more] £355.99[Supplier Stock]help
Seagull Reno YAK 11 Pylon Racer (30cc) 1.7m (67.5in) SEA302 The Yakovlev Yak-11 (Russian: Яко...[learn more] £355.99[Supplier Stock]help
Seagull Chipmunk Yellow DHC-1 1/5 Scale 20cc (80in) SEA-304B Just like Piper Cubs and P-51 Mustangs, Chipmunks ...[learn more] £349.99 
Seagull DHC-1 Chipmunk 1/5 Scale 2.0m (80in) (20cc) SEA-304 Just like Piper Cubs and P-51 Mustangs, Chipmunks ...[learn more] £349.99 
Seagull Yak-3U Steadfast 20cc (SEA-270) Warbird with a difference! Combining an impressiv...[learn more] £349.99[Supplier Stock]help
Seagull Steen Skybolt - 15cc (Silver/Blue) 1.55m (61in) (SEA-237S) The Steen Skybolt is an American homebuilt aerobat...[learn more] £344.99Out of stock
Seagull Steen Skybolt 15cc (Red/Black) 1.55m (61in) (SEA-237B) The Steen Skybolt is an American homebuilt aerobat...[learn more] £344.99 
Seagull Cessna 337 (36) 1.95m (76.8in) (SEA-146) The first Skymaster, model 336, went into producti...[learn more] £339.99[Supplier Stock]help
Seagull SUPER TUCANO 91 SEAGULL JP 5500078 SUPER TUCANO Engines 91 INC R/T...[learn more] £339.99Out of stock
Seagull Curtiss P-40N Warhawk Shark Head - SEA250S The Curtiss P-40 Warhawk is an American single-eng...[learn more] £336.99 
Seagull Cassutt 3m Racer (120) 1.65m (65in) (SEA-164) The full size Cassutt 111M racer is a kit aircraft...[learn more] £334.99[Supplier Stock]help
Seagull North American T-28 Trojan 1.6m (63in) (SEA-258) Warbird with a difference! Seagull's T-28 offers ...[learn more] £334.99[Supplier Stock]help
Seagull T-34C Turbo Mentor 20cc 1.9m (75in) (SEA-240M) The pilot-friendly warbird The USAF's venerable p...[learn more] £333.99[Supplier Stock]help
Seagull GIPSY MOTH 1830MM (91) (SEA-169) Wingspan - 72.0ins (183cm)Wing area - 1357.8sq.ins...[learn more] £324.99[Supplier Stock]help
Seagull P-47G Thunderbolt Razorback 1.6m (63in) (SEA-207) The Republic P-47 Thunderbolt was a World War II e...[learn more] £322.99 
Seagull RANS S 20 Raven 2.03m (80in) 30cc (SEA-279) The Rans S-20 Raven is an American home-built airc...[learn more] £322.99[Supplier Stock]help
Seagull Vans RV-8 Diamond Di 20cc 1.8m (70.9in) (SEA-249) Stylish, aerobatic, pretty, and with sleek racy li...[learn more] £321.99 
Seagull Pilatus PC9 V2 120 1.8M SEA-94 Seagull 5500044 Pilatus PC9 V2 120 1.8M SEA-94Win...[learn more] £317.99[Supplier Stock]help
Seagull Skyraider Warbird 10cc 1.6m (63in) (SEA-230B) The Douglas A-1 Skyraider is an American single-se...[learn more] £317.99[Supplier Stock]help
Seagull CESSNA 152 2030MM (91) (SEA-174) Wingspan - 79.9ins (203cm) Wing area - 911.4sq.ins...[learn more] £309.99Out of stock
Seagull Maxi Lift 33cc 2.22m (87.6in) (SEA-209) Large it up! High strength and an 87in. wingspan =...[learn more] £309.99Out of stock
Seagull Savage Cruiser 2.03m (80in) (SEA-195) The Savage Cruiser is a development of the Zlin Sa...[learn more] £309.99[Supplier Stock]help
Seagull Ka 8B Glider 3m Span - SEA137B About the Aircraft The Ka 8 was derived from the ...[learn more] £307.99Out of stock
Seagull 55in P-47D Little Bunny 8 – 10cc (SEA-338) We hear it at flying clubs up and down the country...[learn more] £304.99[Supplier Stock]help
Seagull CHRISTEN EAGLE Engine 75-91 SEA-104 SEAGULL 5500060 CHRISTEN EAGLE Engine 75-91 SEA-10...[learn more] £304.99[Supplier Stock]help
Seagull EDGE 540 V2 (180) BLUE SEA-26A SEAGULL Order Number 5500020 EDGE 540 V2 (180) BLU...[learn more] £303.99[Supplier Stock]help
Seagull EDGE 540 V2 180 RED/WHITE SEA-26B SEAGULL Order 5500021 EDGE 540 V2 180 RED/WHITE S...[learn more] £303.99[Supplier Stock]help
Seagull Bristol M1C Monoplane Spans 71” 1/4 scale (SEA337) The Bristol M.1 Monoplane Scout was a British mono...[learn more] £300.00 
Seagull EDGE 540 120 SEA-84 SEAGULL Order Number 5500022 EDGE 540 120 SEA-84 W...[learn more] £289.99[Supplier Stock]help
Seagull Master Edition A6M5 Zero Kit 67" (SEA-123K) No-one builds model aeroplanes these days out of n...[learn more] £279.99[Supplier Stock]help
Seagull ZERO INC.RETRACTS Engines 75-91 SEAGULL JP Order 5500076 ZERO INC.RETRACTS Engine...[learn more] £279.99Out of stock
Seagull GEE BEE 120 SEA-82 SEAGULL Order 5500030 GEE BEE 120 SEA-82Wingspan -...[learn more] £278.99[Supplier Stock]help
Seagull Maule Super Rocket 15cc (SEA-232) A semi-scale sportster to suit all occasions Ring...[learn more] £278.99[Supplier Stock]help
Seagull Christen Husky (61) 2.03m (79.9in) (SEA-180) The Aviat Husky is a tandem two-seat, high-wing, u...[learn more] £275.00 
Seagull AT6 TEXAN 75 SEA-88 INC RETRACTS SEAGULL 5500038 AT6 TEXAN (75) (SEA-88) INC RETRAC...[learn more] £274.99[Supplier Stock]help
Seagull PIPER TWIN COMANCHE 46-55 SEAGULL JP Ref: 5500081 PIPER TWIN COMANCHE Engine...[learn more] £274.99[Supplier Stock]help
Seagull Glasair GS-2 Sportsman (91) 1.8m (70.9in) (SEA-158) Based on the Full size aircraft built in 2007 by E...[learn more] £269.99[Supplier Stock]help
Seagull PIPER CUB 88ins 120 SEA-74 SEAGULL Order No 5500026 PIPER CUB 88ins 120 SEA-7...[learn more] £269.99[Supplier Stock]help
Seagull Decathlon 120 SEA-83 SEAGULL Order 5500032 Decathlon 120 SEA-83Wingspan...[learn more] £259.99[Supplier Stock]help
Seagull Pilatus PC9 75-91 1.60M SEA-103 Pilatus PC9 75-91 1.60M SEA-103Electric conversion...[learn more] £259.99[Supplier Stock]help
Seagull SPACEWALKER II 120 SIZE SEAGULL Ref JP 5500201 SPACE WALKER II Engine: 12...[learn more] £259.99Out of stock
Seagull Douglas A-1 Skyraider 10cc 1.6m (SEA-230) Seagulls passion to deliver aeroplanes that both e...[learn more] £254.99Out of stock
Seagull Extra 300S 61-75 1.59m (62.5in) (SEA-70B) SEAGULL (5500198) EXTRA 300S (61-75 SIZE) (SEA-70B...[learn more] £249.99[Supplier Stock]help
Seagull PIPER CUB 75 79ins SEA-87 SEAGULL Order 5500028 PIPER CUB 75 79ins SEA-87Win...[learn more] £249.99Out of stock
Seagull Master Scale Kit Edition 63in P-47G Thunderbolt This is the kit version of the very popular 63" Se...[learn more] £247.99 
Seagull DECATHLON 91 SEA-86 Wingspan - 70.9ins (180cm) Wing area - 837sq.ins (...[learn more] £239.99[Supplier Stock]help
Seagull Funky Cub Red 15cc 1.8m (71in) (SEA-254R) A Piper Cub-inspired everyday sportster If you li...[learn more] £229.99[Supplier Stock]help
Seagull Junkers CL1 G-BUYU 15cc (SEA-275) Seagull’s CL.I will immediately catch the eye of...[learn more] £229.99[Supplier Stock]help
Seagull ZLIN Z50 Engine Sizes 75-91 SEA-118 SEAGULL JP Code 5500070 ZLIN Z50 Engine Sizes 75-9...[learn more] £229.99[Supplier Stock]help
Seagull Super Chipmunk 1600mm (SEA-120) Art Scholl modified a standard DHC-1 Trainer air f...[learn more] £224.99Out of stock
Seagull YAK 54 90 SEA-53B SEAGULL Order Number 5500024 YAK 54 90 SEA-53B Win...[learn more] £222.99 
Seagull Dual Ace (2x46 Size) 1.77m (70in) (SEA-34) Be Different... Always wanted to fly a twin? Then ...[learn more] £219.99 
Seagull PC-6 Pilatus Porter (46-55) 1.6m (63in) (SEA-107) SEAGULL 5500058 PC-6 PILATUS PORTER (46-55) (SEA-1...[learn more] £219.99[Supplier Stock]help
Seagull Radial Rocket TD 10cc 1.58m (62.2in) (SEA-229) Semi-scale Reno racer Seagulls 63" span sport-sca...[learn more] £219.99[Supplier Stock]help
Seagull Classic Ugly Stick 10-15cc (SEA-255) Designed with the sports flyer in mind, the Classi...[learn more] £217.99[Supplier Stock]help
Seagull AT6 Texan 40-521.6MTSEA-110 SEAGULL Ref Order 5500054 AT6 Texan Engine Size 40...[learn more] £209.99[Supplier Stock]help
Seagull Bowers Flybaby 10-15cc (SEA-238) Be the envy of your clubmates Characterful and bu...[learn more] £209.99[Supplier Stock]help
Seagull Edge-540 (60 Size) 1.73m (68.2in) (SEA-54) THE model of the outrageously-powered full-size wo...[learn more] £209.99[Supplier Stock]help
Seagull North American P-51 Mustang 1.43m (56in) (SEA-276) Very few R/C warbirds fly as well as the Mustang, ...[learn more] £209.99[Supplier Stock]help
Seagull Funfly 3D (SEA-40) Lightweight aerobatic Funfly model from Seagull ap...[learn more] £199.99[Supplier Stock]help
Seagull RYAN NAVION Engine 75-91 1.6MT SEA-106 SEAGULL Order Number 5500056 RYAN NAVION Engine 75...[learn more] £199.99[Supplier Stock]help
Seagull Decathlon (40-46) 1.72m (67.7in) (SEA-30) The Seagull Decathlon is designed with the interme...[learn more] £198.99[Supplier Stock]help
Seagull Extra EA 300L (46) 1.39m (54.9in) (SEA-199N) An attractive and capable 55" span rendition of th...[learn more] £194.99[Supplier Stock]help
Seagull Challenger Super Sporter (40-46) 1.34m (52.8in) (SEA-200) Seagull's Challenger adopts a low-wing profile in ...[learn more] £189.99[Supplier Stock]help
Seagull EP Taylorcraft 25E (SEA-193) A classic of the 1940s Searching for a vintage li...[learn more] £178.99[Supplier Stock]help
Seagull Pilatus PC-9 Roulette (40-46) 1.54m (60.6in) SEA-12 A semi-scale alternative to a follow-on trainer an...[learn more] £176.99[Supplier Stock]help
Seagull Spacewalker II (46-53 Size) 1.6m (63in) (SEA-19) The distinctive two-seater version of the popular ...[learn more] £176.99 
Seagull Racer 40-46 Delta ARF 0.8m (38.5in) (SEA-307) Fun-filled high-speed action with the new delta mo...[learn more] £155.99[Supplier Stock]help
Seagull PT-19 FAIRCHILD (46-52 SIZE) (SEA-11) SEAGULL (5500197) PT-19 FAIRCHILD (46-52 SIZE) (SE...[learn more] £149.99 
Seagull 40 Low Wing Sport (SEA-10) Probably the best model ever produced for those wh...[learn more] £143.99 
Seagull Challenger Kit (SEA-200K) Box Contents Not everyone wants to fly a read...[learn more] £141.99 
Seagull EP Magic Star 3D 480 (SEA-X157) The MAGIC STAR 3D EP was designed with the interme...[learn more] £139.99Out of stock
Seagull Boomerang 40 Kit (SEA-27K) Box Contents Not everyone wants to fly a read...[learn more] £132.99 
Seagull EP Boomerang 25E (SEA-211) Smaller electric only version of the ever popular ...[learn more] £129.99 
Seagull EP E-Pioneer Trainer 1.6m (61.4in) (SEA-X9) SEAGULL have done it again. Just like its younger ...[learn more] £129.99 
Seagull ARISING STAR V2 40-46 TRAINER (SEA-03) Monstrously easy to fly, this is the ultimate BIG ...[learn more] £124.99 
Seagull BOOMERANG V2 40-46 TRAINER (SEA-27) Resplendent in a new colour scheme the Boomerang V...[learn more] £116.99 
Seagull Jumper 25 Trainer (SEA-15) What a great medium sized factory-built trainer ai...[learn more] £115.99 

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